I notice that many people become victims of Internet infections, viruses, and so on when they open pages with unclear information.

The bottom line is that when you want to see anything on the internet, be it Facebook, Google+, Twitter or other networks, do it with Incognito Browser!

What does this mean and how does it work?

When you come across a material on Facebook for example, if you just click on the link it will open it in a new tab (new page), there are many ways to accept anything from the given site just by a CLICK. Congratulations, you are now infected 😀
And sometimes you don’t even need to click anywhere, the infection is done by entering the site.

Most infections have the purpose of seizing your information, directing your visits to sites you have no idea about, and sometimes even more serious abuses.

How to open a site with an incognito browser?
Example of what I do:

When the eye catches something interesting (in advance I say that I use Google Chrome) I click on the link with the RIGHT button, and select “Open the link in the INCOGNITE window” and in this way I browse the given site.
In principle, INCOGNITO windows do not save cookies, passwords or any information in general, and after pressing X, no one but you knows that the given site was visited.
By opening a link with a different browser than the one you logged in with, it cancels the ability to get any information UNLESS YOU LOG IN SOMEWHERE WITH THAT BROWSER!!!

That’s it friends, open your links incognito or with a browser you don’t use and you won’t have any problems.