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what is seo

SEO – What is it?

SEO or search engine optimization is a group of actions to be carried out to promote a website and place it in the top positions in the search engines for your chosen keywords and phrases.

Why SEO is Necessary?
Optimizing your site is important for its visibility in the search engines and makes it easier for users to find it. Let’s assume that you have a website selling shoes and you want the first position for „shoes“ of keywords. Without optimization this can not happen. No matter how high-end products or services you offer, they will go unnoticed if your site is third, fifth or tenth page of results in search engines. That you have an existing website does not guarantee that you will be visited by organic traffic. The optimized site, however, can lead to your customers, increase sales online and receive targeted traffic.

Why use professional SEO services

Why use professional SEO services?

Many people believe that they can manage the optimization of websites for yourself. Errors, however, can have a negative impact and irreversible consequences. The use of unauthorized and unethical techniques will likely lead to punishment (lower position in search results) or de-indexation (removal of your site from a search engine). In 2012, Google search engine released several updates to their algorithm, known as Panda and Penguin. They had an impact on hundreds of thousands of websites. Many of those who were leading positions were dropped out of the top 100. This is why you can trust an SEO specialists who are familiar with best practices and to optimize your site in a way that can withstand any change in the algorithms of search engines.

SEO services of info BG net

In info BG net we experienced SEO professionals who have worked on optimizing multiple websites with different themes, languages and competition. Our team is always up to date with new technologies, we follow every change in the algorithms to provide you with the best and most effective service.
For greater efficiency of your traffic from different sources, you can use not only our SEO services, but also PPC – Pay Per Click advertising, SMM – Social Media Marketing and ORM – Online reputation management.
Techniques that our experts are used in accordance with the recommendations of the search engines and can not harm your site. Here SEO services that you can benefit:

Local SEO

Local SEO search engine optimization

More and more people seeking information on products and services, mostly near the location of the place.
For example, „Sofia flowers“ or „fishing shop Varna“. Google provides an opportunity to register their businesses in Google Place of Business.
In this way, your business information will be displayed on Google Maps. The best results for local search on Google provide additional information such as location, address, telephone, prices, etc.
Using different techniques, we can assure you that your business will reach the top of local search results.
Thus, users will receive additional information before entering your website and the possibility for them to use your services or buy your products is increasing significantly.

Online reputation management

ORM – Online Reputation Management

According to studies, almost 90% of all people looking for information online before purchasing a product or service. Therefore your good online reputation and the reputation of your business is crucial to ultimate success.
According to other studies, most people would rather share their negative thoughts and will complain more – so-called viral hate. It will probably be unpleasant for you if you search through the Internet, such as your name or your company’s people find negative opinions and comments.
In such a situation, people usually are hesitant to turn to you and will most likely look for alternatives. With our service for online reputation management, we at info bg net will make sure that does not happen.
Our team of professionals will create an excellent online image in a way that looks absolutely natural and believable without customers you understand that you have used such services.

Pay per click

PPC – Pay Per Click

Much of the traffic to any website come from search engines. To obtain such trafficking, however, your site must take a leading position on selected keywords and phrases. It takes time for the results of search engine optimization to appear, so during this period, you can compensate for the lack of visits from PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.
PPC advertising can provide you quality targeted traffic, which means more customers, more revenue and places where your site will be displayed. The main advantage of Internet advertising is that you can check the efficiency at all times and to take the necessary measures to improve the results.
Unlike traditional visual and text media, where there is no way to know the actual number of people watching your ad on the Internet, you can learn how many users have seen it, how many of them have visited your website and other useful statistics that can help to maximize the number of users to a landing page after careful analysis. This is the exact reason why the Internet (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.) Is a preferred advertising medium for small and large companies.

Social media marketing

SMM – Social Media Marketing

The popularity of social networks is increasing with each passing day.
The number of registered users is rapidly increasing and Fasebook announced that they are over 1.44 billion. Imagine how many benefits can have if you manage to attract the attention of even a small percentage of users. This is exactly the idea of social media marketing – to draw the attention of the target group of users of your personality or brand.
Our experts info bg net constantly follow the latest trends in marketing and social networking are ready to create effective campaigns for you, which can bring you results like:

  1. establishing long-term relationships with clients
  2. increase traffic to your website
  3. feedback about your products and services
  4. increase the popularity of your brand
  5. sales increase



For us work is a pleasure, a way to express yourself and be helpful with what we create.
Websites we design, build and maintain, are compliant with the latest web design trends and meet web standards, not only for valid code, but for usability.
According to Bill Gates, „If you is not in the Internet, you are not in business.“ Indeed it is, our time today having any successful business to have its own Internet presence.
Our solutions help our customers to grow and develop, and competitors – an example to follow.



Did you know that a well-designed website for e-commerce / online store one can actually help repeatedly to sell your products online?
If you raise your business to the next level and increase your sales times with an online shop e-commerce, info bg net is the right place.
Keeping customers happy is our number one priority.



The importance of good website should never be underestimated, and for all your web design and graphic design needs, info bg net is there to help.
Do you need a logo, but by a banner? Or perfect image for your Facebook Page? We will share our experience with you and give you the best graphical solution that will suit your taste.
Everything we do is the culmination of our knowledge, brilliant ideas and full commitment.
We treat every customer with respect, and are always interested and listening to their suggestions, because this is the only way that will lead to results that are satisfactory for both sides. By getting a better understanding of your vision, we will create better solutions for you and your business.



We turn your inspiration into business ideas, customized web applications.
We can help in the design and development of special applications. Whether you are looking for desktop or mobile web application, we can help. Taking advantage of the popular social network Facebook, you can expand your business to your brand, strengthening your customers with an interactive experience through the web application.

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